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I have refined my cocktail palette dramatically since my first sip of alcohol: a two-litre wine cooler, in my college dorm, at 17. I still remember my first cocktail, more than a decade later, celebrating a friend’s graduation at The Buenos Aires Grill: a smooth, delicious sidecar. I threw my first cocktail party later that year, featuring, of course, the sidecar. For the kids, I invented a few overly sweet non-alcoholic concoctions that they seemed to love. And from there, more than 10 years ago, my interest in cocktail experimentation has bloomed.

You can find dozens of cocktail websites with exotic drinks that require four spirits, three liqueurs you’ve never heard of, egg whites, and a blow torch. These are drinks served to people much younger, hipper, and craven than us. Or to booze snobs.

Curated Cocktails, on the other hand, is devoted to simple, delicious cocktails you can easily make at home with a minimum of ingredients and fuss. Enjoy!